{{ programming_languages }}

C++: Over 5 years experience

Java: Over 3 years experience

Python: Starting...

Groovy: Starting...

{{ web_development }}

PHP + Mysql: Over 5 years experience

Jquery: 2 anys d'experiència

Symfony 1.4 and 2 versions: Over 2 years experience

Experience in APIs Rest design and development

{{ web_layout }}

XHTML + CSS2: Over 5 years experience

HTML5 + CSS3: Starting to apply in projects...

{{ mobile_development }}

Explerience developing Android applications

Mobile apps for Iphone and Android with Appcelerator: Starting...

{{ systems }}

Management server in Linux environments: Apache, PHP, MySQL, ... ( with hosts currently in production).

Experience in cloud computing environments: Amazon Web Services (with servers currently in production).

Management of small organizational networks: LDAP, DNS server, Mail server, Samba, NFS server, ...

{{ others }}

Experience in use of CVS (especially GIT)